Horoscope for today


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The first day of may may be not all so smoothly as you planned, but do not despair, all the best ahead!

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – ARIES

Have time to retreat before you seriously hurt someone you care about. Today you will have to control myself every second, not to say the wrong thing.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – TAURUS

Today, your trump card is a disarming honesty. This tactic will help to rein in the menacing enemy, for to cover-he will have nothing. However, this method only operates on people with a large number of convolutions or equal to two.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – GEMINI

In the morning you will be very busy and very all need. But the evening will reward you with a lesson, a quiet, peaceful and very pleasant. The main thing – to it to live .

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – CANCER

Today, you effortlessly can get the world to revolve around you and the direction you want. The only question is, do you want it.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 LION

Today the rational side of your being will gain a complete victory over the emotional. Trying to make sense of any movement of the heart are never good arguments, so try not to overdo it.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – VIRGO

Today the role of first violin, no matter how distressing this is for you may sound, you will not belong. Not worth it to fight for it, you will only spoil your reputation.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – LIBRA

Don’t even try to hide something from relatives. First, it will not work, and secondly, offended. It’s better to prepare them something delicious for dinner.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – SCORPIO

Today you will be able to truly brilliant improvisation. The less you care about how to more successfully speak, the better you will get.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – SAGITTARIUS

If the elephant tooth ache, it is most wise that can be taken to be near – it’s fast somewhere to hide. If you so hunting to give your opinion, try to not reached the ears of overly interested parties.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – CAPRICORN

The sudden desire to change everything around, the acuity and tedious, like attack of sciatica will possess you today. Others will be lucky if in their desire to reform anything and everything you are limited to the defeat of your own home.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – AQUARIUS

Don’t take responsibility for someone else’s mistake. With you in this case, I ask more than I’d ask of the culprit.

Horoscope for may 1, 2018 – FISH

Today probable interesting meetings and useful contacts. Be ready to accept the new information for you in large quantities.