Nutritionists recommend to adjust the usual norm.

So, let’s figure out how much liquid is recommended by nutritionists. Many have heard that you need to drink eight glasses a day is approximately equal to two liters. Is it really so? Actually, no — the norm for each individual. Doctors advise to drink about 30-60 ml of fluid for every kilogram of your weight. So, if you weigh 50 kg, you can last more than 1.5 liters per day. But those who weigh more than 80 kilograms, you need to have at least 2.5 liters of liquid, reports

And the maximum? Actually to drinking too much water, you work hard. In a natural way “to drink” is almost impossible. Overdose liquid happens in particular, when you try to drink too much in dispute — it is sometimes dangerous. Risky to use more than 5 litres of fluid in a short time. Three American soldiers, for example, have died after drinking 10-20 litres of water in just a few hours.

Adjustment for summer

In hot weather, intake of fluid is increased. So in the summer can be considered a “water low” upper bound: for a person weighing 50 kg it will be 3 years, and for someone who weighs 80 kg to almost 5 liters.

But if you are still in the heat and physically active — working in the beds, a lot of walking, doing sports and sweating, the amount of water you drink can be increased. But remember that your safe maximum of 1 to 1.5 liters per hour.

What exactly is water?

It is widely believed that under the liquid you want to drink during the day, means exceptionally clear water. Teas, juices, coffee, alcohol — all not considered. But is it really?

No, not so — is everything. For example, juices, smoothies and sodas are exactly the same “ladder”, just like regular water. Their only disadvantage is that these fluids contain a lot of sugar and calories — and thus, a lot of them without risk for the metabolism and figure will not drink.

But with coffee, tea with a high content of caffeine (it’s both black and green tea) and alcohol is not so clear. On the one hand, these drinks also fill the need for water. On the other — cause the body to lose more fluids, which makes their use practically useless. And sometimes even harmful. If you overdo it with alcohol or caffeine, this can lead to dehydration. So don’t forget to drink each Cup of coffee or a glass of wine additional glass of water!

Water from food

If you calculated that you need to get 2 liters of fluid a day, it does not mean that you need to drink eight glasses of water or other beverages. In fact, only need to drink 80% of this figure — that is 1.6 liters. The remaining 20% of the fluid you should get from food. The most water-rich foods is lettuce, watermelon, broccoli, citrus fruits, milk, carrots, yogurt, apples. They contain from 84 to 95% of the fluid. So, eating something from this list, you can safely add weight to their daily amounts of drinking.

When water is needed more

In addition to the hot weather and physical exertion, there are other factors that can increase the need for water. Oddly enough, our body needs more fluids, when the air around is very humid.

Yet the desire (and need) to drink increase the flu with high fever and sweating, vomiting, diarrhea. However, in these cases, you need to be alert: even if drinking plenty of fluids helps you feel dry mouth, dizziness and weakness, call your doctor — could be dehydration already so strong that to replenish the liquid will have with the dropper.

Who is bad to drink a lot of water?

People who have certain health problems, you need to drink less than healthy. In particular, this applies to those who have kidney disorder. Consult with your doctor about how much fluid they need, and is for those who suffer from thyroid dysfunction, problems with the liver and heart regularly takes painkillers and antidepressants.

How to understand that I drink enough?

Recent studies show that not so it is important to meticulously keep track of how much glasses of water you drank in a day. A standard recommendation is about 2 litres of fluid daily, according to scientists, and is taken from the ceiling.

If you have no status, when “urgent need to drink, otherwise the end”, not dry mouth and throat, and your urine is clear or light yellow means you are drinking enough. Instead of complex calculations nutritionists suggest to trust your own body. Drink when thirsty, and can’t go wrong!