Anton Drabovich

Russia by all means distorts reality.

The statement of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in Poland just ripped the Russian information space, and as we know, in Russia, are trying to distort history and portray her in pink: the Soviet Union is white and fluffy, and Russia, as its successor, the same. It is absolutely untrue.

The Soviet Union also invaded Poland as Nazi Germany, and occupied and poles, and Ukrainians, not to mention the occupation of the Baltic States and trying to imagine what Finland was attacked by the Union, and not Vice versa. All this is the cycle of crimes have the right to speak.

What does not believe a lot of people, and is the result of how the Soviet Union decades systematically worked over the memory. Was jammed, jams, intertwined. In every family one way or another there is a man who in the Soviet Union was associated with war, children soldiers or something like that. Having such a relative, everyone clearly wants to see him as someone good. The Soviet Union used this and calmly intertwined with those of people in your story, because everyone wants to believe in the good about their. Who wants to believe that the red army were detachments, and rapists, and looters. Just like in any other army: when a person takes a gun and goes to attack or to kill, always be.

Ukraine has made some important steps on this background. Many authorities and scientific community working on the decontamination of the former myths. Why are they harmful? For example, the Soviet Union, it was Russia now picks up the thesis that we supposedly came to “liberate the people”. In imagination there are pure white angels who just forgot to say that they liberated territories they own for another half-century left, casmara local people and imposing tanks. Yes, liberated Auschwitz, but only freeing, began to use as directed. Not already killed as Nazis, and just used as their camp.

That’s such good stories “released-won” bent reality. This is a lie on the level of historical myths, which is fighting the Institute of national memory, and any adequate conscious people who work in science and history. At our level we work with schools, create quality Internet content. The more lies produces any Empire, the more people are interested in the content that this lie debunks the basic issues and facts, there do not fit. That is, we match these things: on the one hand the myth of the “people-liberator”, and with another — about the uprising in Prague. On the one hand, a happy, prosperous life of the Soviet bloc, and on the other the Berlin wall. What if it were demolished? If people shot at people who fled from a happy Union, then something is wrong.

Here we approach the second unit of work is the development of critical thinking. It’s just death for any Empire. Countries such as the Soviet Union, and which are now trying to be Russia, just can’t work with people who have developed critical thinking and asking logical questions. Because as soon as you start to ask them as spilling picture of the world. That’s why you’re trying to fill a lot of correct answers. To come up with some kind of picture where you had a warm bath and the comfort that you just didn’t ask questions. Otherwise their model won’t stay on the heap.

Quality books, banners, manuals for school, YouTube, Instagram — it is necessary to use all possible ways to deliver the truth. And here, by the way, it is very important not to go too. Because it so happens that you say, but this truth is too complicated — let’s nedostaje, a little tender. But no.

When we talk about the Ukraine in 1939, occupied by the Soviet Union, in which local resident starts to resist the Bolshevik occupation of such a person not be called a collaborator. But the Kiev, which came under Nazi occupation, before the former loyal Soviet citizen, and suddenly began to write laudatory articles about the Third Reich and how everything is fine, it becomes a collaborator. Then he could change his mind, to recover and then begin to resist the Nazis, but not to think about how it was in the beginning — it is impossible. Because we win only when we speak the fullness of truth.

Yes, then we weren’t fluffy. Especially when you start talking about the citizens who lived in the Soviet Union, and their responsibility for the fact that he existed. The question for us really uncomfortable, because they could not all get up and go to fight the system that created the GULAG. But we need to talk about it. So we are bringing things more complicated, more honest, but with a conscience we’re all good. So we will never lose historical perspective.

Anton Drabovich,