The rest of the hundreds of thousands of tourists were under threat because of the bankruptcy of the largest British travel company Thomas Cook, the Associated Press reported.

According to him, about 50 thousand clients of tour operator “stuck” in Greece, almost 30 thousand tourists are the Canary Islands. In Turkey, there are about 21 thousand customers, has about 15 thousand in Cyprus. Resorts in other countries, particularly in Cuba and in Mexico are also thousands of people who went on the trip with the tour operator Thomas Cook.

Tourists are faced with various problems, in particular, with the cancellation of flights. Hotel owners fear that payment is not received for the stay of tourists of tour operator.

The British government has already announced that this situation will assist in the return of 150 thousand subjects of the United Kingdom. However, the authorities warned that the return home can take a long time. According to British media reports, on Monday at Gatwick airport has already landed paid for by the British authorities a special flight, which was brought from Croatia a group of tourists bankrupt tour operator.

Estimated tours early booking about 1 million tourists Thomas Cook has also been found to be invalid. In particular, many Britons have booked ski tours at the December Christmas holidays. It is expected that many of them will be able to obtain compensation through travel insurance.

In airports around the world cancelled Monday flights Thomas Cook. In particular, the British airports – Heathrow and Gatwick – canceled thousands of flights.

Meanwhile, the Turkish authorities, for example, trying to support the “stuck” tour. The Ministry of tourism has warned hotel owners that they will face consequences if they refuse accommodation to customers of the bankrupt tour operator. The Agency even threatened Turkish hotels litigation if they do not meet the customers Thomas Cook.

British travel company Thomas Cook traces its history back to 1841 and is the oldest in the world in this segment. On Monday, she announced that she “immediately cease trading operations, all future flights are cancelled and the permit null and void.” It affected more than 600 thousand tourists around the world.

The termination of the activities of Thomas Cook followed several months of negotiations with investors and creditors. Already agreed with the Chinese Fosun plan of salvation, involves the exchange of debts for shares of the company, failed because of the need for additional funds to the tour operator.

Attempt to private investors for about 200 million pounds ($250 million) to rescue the tour operator was not successful. The UK government has also rejected a request by Thomas Cook about the financial assistance in the amount of 150 million pounds. The debts of Thomas Cook about 2 billion pounds.

Only the tour operator was about 3 thousand offices around the world, some of whom worked on the model of franchising.

Part of Thomas Cook Russian “Intourist” has declared “to Interfax” that the bankruptcy will not affect his work, customer service continues as planned, and no flights the company does not change.

“Intourist” belongs to Thomas Cook in 2011, and in March 2019, the British tour operator announced the purchase of 100% of the “Biblio-Globus”. However, the deal is not yet closed. The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook has not affected the work of the “Biblio-the Globe”, it will fulfil all obligations to tourists, the press service of the Russian firms.