As it became known, the head of the Hungarian foreign Minister Peter Siyyarto made a statement in which he criticized the Ukrainian leadership in antiviruskey policy and the infringement of the rights of the Hungarian minority living on the territory of Ukraine, transfers “Russian Dialogue” with reference to “RT”.

According to the information received, the head of the diplomatic agencies said that the law violates the rights of the Hungarian minority and reflects the vision of the incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who, according to Szijjártó, promoted antiviruskey policy.

“We hope that on the basis of mutual respect and the desire to find a solution we will be able to clarify the situation with the laws affecting the rights of the Hungarian community, with a new, elected by an overwhelming majority President,” he said, referring to winning the presidential election of Vladimir Zelensky.

Note that in addition to this, péter Szijjártó stressed that the statements of the future of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky give serious cause for hope for the normalization of relations between Budapest and Kiev.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the adoption in Ukraine controversial law on exclusive use of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of life, which was voted 278 deputies in the required 226.