Holographic monitor


Photo: from open sources

Technology news: As they say in RED, their new product aims to “lay the future of a multidimensional system”.

Journalists of The Verge has studied the prototype of perhaps the most bold smartphone this year, according to the Rambler. Produced Hydrogen One does not the leader of the mobile market, such Apple, Google or Samsung, and RED is one of the largest manufacturers of digital cameras.

Due to the pin connector located on the rear panel, the Android device will be able to connect to 4K-RED cameras and modules, obosomase its functionality. To the smartphone, for example, you can connect a professional lens from a top producer like Leica.

According to the columnist Dieter bona, the test sample of the apparatus huge. Being larger than even the iPhone 8 Plus, 5.7-inch Hydrogen One barely fits in your hand . The RED device will be released in the case of aluminum ($1195) and titanium ($1595), the edges of which made the “scallops” for a good grip. The power button located on the right side. There, not in front and not behind, is the fingerprint scanner.

Last year representatives of the RED said that screen Hydrogen One will involve some kind of nanotechnology, which will allow you to “seamlessly switch between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content and interactive games.” As we now know, this technology is called 4-view. It will allow you to switch between the “normal” display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, the 2D and 3D modes with the “holographic” effect.

Bonu showed two possible scenarios for the use of “holographic” display, and both impressed him. The first is where the Hydrogen One reproducing 3D video, and the picture remained stationary when the machine is moved and tilted. Second — the chat mode, when the smartphone will display the faces of the interlocutors in the form of holograms in real-time.

RED said that the smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon processor 835, USB-C port, stereo speakers and a 3.5 mm audio input for headphones. Other characteristics are not specified. Release date Hydrogen One has also yet to be announced.