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Scientists have conducted a scientific experiment with a heavy-duty optical atomic clock and the skyscraper.

Japanese scientists have experimentally proved one of the hypotheses of albert Einstein. It is reported by local newspaper Mainichi.

The great scientist believed that moving away from the earth’s surface over time is accelerating. During the alleged time is affected by gravity.

Scientists from the University of Tokyo Hidetoshi Katori conducted an experiment with optical atomic clock. This mechanism is so precise that it is used to calibrate fluctuations in quantum particles. These clocks lose a second for 30 billion years.

Experts have synced the two devices and placed them on the ground floor of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower and its observation deck, at an altitude of 450 metres.

It turned out that during the day, watch from the site was faster by about 4.3 nanoseconds. According to estimates, over the year this difference is about 1.6 microseconds. Scientists believe that the results of the experiment prove the fact that gravity slows down time.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have proved one of the main theories of Darwin. Also the Correspondent wrote that the Arctic was a large ozone hole.

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