Olga Buzova told the truth about the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov. Leading still can’t understand why is beloved so cruelly with it arrived.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov broke up a few months ago. According to rumors, the player immediately found a new passion. But Buzova yet and dedicates himself to the work. Star still can’t get over the breakup with her lover, according to “Russian conversation”.

In a recent interview, the TV star said that the parting with Dmitry became for her a complete surprise. Buzova planned to build a big house and have children. By the way, have a baby, Olga planned for a long time and Dimitri was supported.

However, in October, the footballer said that it no longer intends to live with her. For Buzova this news came as a shock: he destroyed all her plans for the future together. To go through a divorce, Olga turned to the psychologists, but it has not given result .

Stress presenter stopped to eat properly and start to suffer from insomnia. Her health afraid of doctors, but His even more engaged in the work, not to think about divorce. Due to overwork star came to the hospital and lay under droppers.

“When I was dying, said to mom: “Does he spit?” And the connection is broken completely,” bitterly said the presenter.