Mon, 6 March 2017


Photo: naked-science.ru

The American company IBM launched the first commercial service quantum cloud computing in 2017.

Quantum computers are computers that operate on quantum bits, or qubits. These logic elements, in contrast to classical bits, can simultaneously be in positions of “unit” and “zero” that allows you to develop more efficient algorithms. However, modern quantum system is slightly superior to ordinary computers. In addition, they are expensive and difficult to create.

In 2016, IBM launched project Quantum Experience to provide cloud access to your own computer with five qubits. The simulation of such a machine can be done on a standard laptop, however, with the physical qubits has a number of limitations, which necessary to optimize algorithms. During the experiment on the computer pattabiram hosted approximately 275 thousand studies, the first five of which were published in peer-reviewed journals .

The new service, dubbed IBM Q designed for providing cloud access to a quantum computer that operates about 50 qubits. Technical characteristics of the new computer and the cost of service is not specified. It is assumed that the system can be used, for example, for quantum simulation of chemical compounds. Scientists have developed the technique of modeling small molecules, which can be scaled for working with larger systems.