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News of show business:Researchers from Melbourne have reported that they have found that sleeping on the stomach may be dangerous to human health.

Scientists have conducted experiments, which were attended by over a thousand volunteers. They passed a medical examination, and in addition, talked about how they prefer to sleep.

It turned out that most health problems are people who prefer to sleep on my stomach. According to doctors, this is due to poor circulation. When sleeping on your stomach is disturbed the blood stream and some organs are pregatiri, which negatively affects their work.

In the first place when you sleep on the stomach affects the lungs, because their blood circulation is disturbed. Also in this position they are not able to function normally and part of oxygen remains in the body. This leads to the fact that people sleep much worse and feel broken in the morning .

In addition, sleeping on the stomach leads to the fact that the clamped carotid artery, which also leads to a number of consequences. Especially dangerous it can be for the elderly. Scientists say that sleeping on the stomach in the elderly may even lead to a stroke or heart attack, because it so disrupted the internal organs.

Women to sleep on your stomach is harmful because of the pressure on his chest. It can also increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Also sleeping on the stomach is responsible for the emergence of early wrinkles on the face.

It is also possible development of infertility due to disorders of blood circulation in the pelvic area in women.