Belarusians fighting for Ukraine in Donbas.

Military the Armed forces of Ukraine Konstantin Dubatovka fighting in the Donbas in 2016. The first was composed of volunteer units, and later signed a contract with a military unit, reports “radio Svaboda”.

Dubatovka came to Ukraine to help fight the occupation of Ukrainian lands by Russia.

“If a neighbor house is on fire, you have it together to put out,” he says.

War, says Dubatovka, which effectively deprived of his home and family, because from then on, he began to fight, it was banned in Belarus. With the family split. Today, soldiers still have a year of service.

In the future, Dubatovka not know what he should be: after all, to stay in Ukraine a legitimate reason not to be, and to go home means to go in Belarusian jail.

“We all figured that going to end until the war will end,” – said the Belarusian.