If the allocation of $250 million of financial assistance to Ukraine in the security sphere the US is not going to happen because of the end of the fiscal year, it will happen in 2020, I am convinced Senator Ron Johnson.

“My colleagues and I met with President trump, we sent him a letter in which it is argued that in this financial year the money was used for the provision of assistance to Ukraine. If this does not happen, my colleague Chris Murphy in the budget Committee, and we are confident that we will make a decision on the granting of this financial assistance in the next fiscal 2020 year”, – he said at a briefing with my colleague Senator Murphy on Thursday near the building of President’s Office after a meeting with Vladimir Zelensky.

Johnson pointed out that the provision of military assistance to Ukraine repeatedly adopted unanimously by the U.S. Congress.

“And now, given the fact that we have completed a financial year, whether this decision made depends on the time factor, because we are at the end of the financial year,” he explained.

The Senator stressed that the support of the Ukrainian people from the United States is “solid and inviolable”.