The head coach of the national team of Belarus football believes in the team before the matches of UEFA Euro 2020.

“It is clear that the League of Nations we have as a fallback. Even the time that the UEFA Euro 2020 we lost two starting games, of course, our chances are reduced. But lost to a strong enough teams. Lost away. Now we will have home games, where, naturally, will come the fans who will support us and drive forward the team. So here want to play well and show again the result. These games are important. And I remain optimistic not only keeping in mind the games of the League of Nations, but also games of UEFA Euro 2020”, – quotes the words of Igor, Kriushenko “Tribune”.

Recall that in the near future the national team of Belarus will play two matches at UEFA Euro 2020. On 8 June, the team of Igor Borisov will Kriushenko in Germany, and June 11 – Northern Ireland.

In the group With our team is in last place with 0 points after two games. Goal difference: 1-6.