the artist Igor Nikolaev told that what the charges were heard in the address,
when he was married to actress Natasha Koroleva, reports “Russian conversation”
with reference to the TVTS.

In the broadcast transmission “It
and she” Nikolaev admitted that he was called “the molester
minors” (a pedophile). Igor was 13 years older than the Queen and
this was subjected to such accusations.

“There is always that story, that’s
he is a pedophile. Pedophile I understand,”
– indignantly expressed it to Igor.

In this case
now married to Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova. A woman his Junior by 22 years, but
such cruel words in his address he hears.

As a reminder,
previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that the Nikolaev Joe, and almost died under the wheels of the bus.