Igor Shitov

Defender of the national team of Belarus commented on the match with Northern Ireland.

Defender of the national team of Belarus Igor Shitov after the defeat of the team Northern Ireland (0:1) in the qualifying match of the European championship 2020 has told about conversation with the chief coach of the team Igor of Kriushenko, reports pressball.by.

– You had a hold on the shoulder as he left the field. All right?

– Let’s play.

– Four defeats. What the team mood?

– Of course, the mood can not be good. Coach probably said goodbye to us. So all is sad.

The coach said good-bye?

– Probably, Yes.

– How did the team react to this?

– Understand the desired result. Four games, zero points. In this match, needed a victory, something remained the same. Although, he may be on the emotions said it. Realizing that today needed a victory.

You’re one of the veterans of the team. Had experienced players the desire to approach the coach, to offer something to change?

– We are players, we should do what the coach said. If everyone would stick to their guns, to Express their wishes, I think it will not benefit the team. He is an experienced man, so we did not influence his decisions in the matches with Germany and Northern Ireland. We’ve done our job. As it happened, it happened.

– Only two shots on target per match. Why didn’t you play up front?

– Maybe because Nekhaychik played not on his position. Maybe… But it’s all excuses. Don’t want to make excuses. We need to add everyone. In any aspect of the game.

– Surprised that Nekhaychik came to this position?

– He left the place — on the edges came fast players. The coach wanted to use the speed of the players that we have in the cage. Therefore, determined in midfield.

Group of the Europa League were positive. Why are so drastically changed?

We had two games with opponents of high class. But Northern Ireland lost twice, so a mixed feeling. Not very nice. But not really much we upset.

– What needs to change in the team that all was well?

– Team — a litmus test of our championship. So you need something in the championship. This year the championship has become stronger, but one year does not solve the problem.

– The team played two matches according to different tactical schemes. How hard is it to rebuild?

Someone in the clubs playing on these schemes. I don’t think it is hard to switch. It’s hard to generate new connections. New people rotate.