MOSCOW, August 31. /TASS/. First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov called on to extend the experience of safety of road traffic in Moscow to other cities. He stated this at a meeting of the government Commission on road safety.


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“Generally, what happens in Moscow with security, and system assistance to participants of traffic, you need this experience to broadcast. At these speeds and the number of vehicles on the roads of Moscow is almost the safest city, and this experience should be used to be spread to cities, large cities”, – said Shuvalov.

According to first Deputy Prime Minister, it is necessary to estimate the amount of investment for each city, where I implemented such security practices on the roads as in Moscow. Shuvalov noted that this can be done at the expense of budgetary funds or through public-private partnerships.

“Experience is very diverse, there are subjects who are willing and able to do it cheaper and more efficiently to this experience it is necessary to look, but nevertheless should be noted that Moscow has managed to achieve great results. This, of course, the success of [Moscow mayor Sergei] Sobyanin and his team,” – said Shuvalov.