In recover you receive immunity “for some time”

The next peak of a pandemic, epidemiologists predict in the fall. They argue that those who are ill can safely return to normal life and begin to rebuild the economy after the crisis.

After coronavirus can not be afraid of re-infection in the fall, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases and head of the Commission for the coronavirus at the White house, USA. This writes Business Insider

According to the chief American immunologist, gets infected a second time with coronavirus unlikely.

“The available data on coronavirus infections suggests that antibodies to COVID-19 will be maintained and protect the owner during a “reasonable” period of time. In other words, people who recover in February-March, is not likely to get sick in September-October, when the expected second peak of the pandemic,” – said Fauci.

Your expert opinion founded on the fact that the rate of mutations of the novel coronavirus is insufficient to annually make new strains that are radically different from the previous one.

At the same time, experts from Fudan University in China said that a third of people who had recovered from COVID-19, blood observed a sufficient level of antibodies. This means that they risk becoming infected again.

Also, experts from South Korea, in turn, reported on 51 patients, which again fell ill with the coronavirus after receiving a negative result for the presence of his body and discharge from the hospital.

Earlier, the Ukrainian epidemiolog Alexander Volkov explained the growth infected with the coronavirus in Ukraine.

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