Photo: globallookpress

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov since 1995 head of the International chess Federation (FIDE), withdrew his candidacy from the elections of the President of the Russian chess Federation (RCF). The head of the organization will be elected on Saturday in Moscow Congress of the Federation.

“I am grateful to the regional federations which have nominated me for the election. I withdraw my candidacy and will focus on international activities,” Ilyumzhinov quoted “R-Sport”.

The current President is the Russian chess Federation Andrey Filatov . In addition to Filatov, the post claimed by the member of the Supervisory Board of the Russian chess Federation from Ingushetia Zaurbek Malsagov, President of the chess Federation of Rostov and Moscow regions Sergey Nesterov, leading researcher of the Institute of Economics Ivan Starikov and the champion of the USSR on jumps on skis from a springboard Eduard Suboch.