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Ukraine news:Russia To impose new sanctions through the location of the air defense on the borders of Belarus with the EU.

The placement of the Russian air defense systems on the borders of Belarus with the European Union and Ukraine could be the basis for new sanctions against the aggressor country.

On the border of Belarus with Ukraine, Russia wants to use air defense

Such opinion on air of “channel 5” was expressed by the former representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the negotiations in Minsk Roman Bezsmertny.

Ukraine is monitoring the initiative of the Russian Federation regarding the use of Pocitace fully

He commented on the treatment of Putin to the Russian state Duma, where he asks to authorize the use of air defense systems during the Russian military exercises in Belarus .

“In fact, this step is a violation of the fundamental international documents that were signed starting with Brezhnev, including Gorbachev and so on. We all these documents we find lines and paragraphs that deny the possibility of such actions. – That is, it is an occasion for new sanctions? – It is obvious that this is the basis for certain sanctions,” he said.