The total reserves of all new oil and gas fields, opened in 2017, was the lowest over the entire history of the counting rate of 6.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent, the report said the Norwegian company Rystad Energy.

With about 1 billion barrels from the specified numbers will never be extracted, because extraction is not profitable, experts say.

“Nothing of the kind not seen since the 1940-ies, – said a senior analyst at Rystad Sonia Mlada passos. – We need to realize that such a low number of open fields poses a great threat to oil supplies in ten years”.

The average amount of inventory open in 2017 deposits amounted to approximately 100 million barrels B. C. against the order of 150 million barrels in 2012.

The biggest concern to experts is the fact that new deposits made up for depleted resources only 11%. In 2012 the figure was over 50%. While fully compensate for depleted field last managed in 2006 .