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Business news: Ukraine has increased imports from the EU almost 13%.

In January-April of 2018, the import from EU countries grew by 12.8%, the state statistics service.

“The import of goods from European Union countries amounted to 6 billion 927 million. or 41% of the total, and increased against the same period of 2017 to 786,3 million. or 12.8%,” – said in the message.

The largest volume of imports of goods from EU countries were: electrical and mechanical machine with 21.3%, products of chemical and related industries 21.1 per cent, products of agriculture and food industry – 11,4%, means of ground transport, aircrafts, floating equipment – 10%, mineral products – by 9.8%.

Among EU countries the most important import receipt of goods were Germany, Poland, Italy and France. Among other countries the largest imports of goods came from the Russian Federation, China, Belarus, USA, Switzerland and Turkey .

In comparison with January-April last year, imports of goods increased from Italy by 40%, Russian Federation – 31%, Turkey – by 25.8%, China 24.1%, Hungary – 20.7%, Poland 11.6%, USA 10.7%, Germany 6.8%, decreased from Switzerland by 30.5%, France 12.9%, UK 3.7%.

In the total volume of imports of goods increased the share of mechanical machines, electrical machines, plastics, polymer materials. Decreased the share of mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation, the means of land transport except rail transport, a variety of chemical products.

We will remind, in January-April 2018 exports to the EU grew by 26.6%.