Photo: In a Russian hospital instead of paper were lying in the toilet of history

On the window sill of a public toilet in a hospital in Perm put a packet of case histories of patients. Documents with personal data was to be used as toilet paper.

Of patient records that contained personal information, was used instead of toilet paper in one of hospitals of Perm. This fact is revealed by the Commissioner for human rights of the Russian Federation Pavel Mikov. He posted pictures on his page in the social network.

“Glaring fact identified me at the hospital. He immediately telephoned the Minister of health of region Dmitry Matveyev for prompt referral to CRH staff to assess and take measures to eliminate detected violations,” wrote Mikov .

He also talked about another violation of the – 65-year-old woman with a head injury was hospitalized, as alleged was not in the hospital though officials counted at least four free beds.

Earlier in Russia the nurses threw out on the street-ill patients, stating that “they do not need it”.

We will remind, in Simferopol pregnant woman died a Russian citizen Tatiana Pimenova, which doctors from the hospital. Semashko kicked the night into the cold wearing Slippers.