Photo: Media club Huh?dreams.Yahya / Facebook the Shooting occurred on the quay of Muhajirs

Three unknown in masks arrived in a car and opened fire at people sitting at a table at the restaurant San-Remo.

In the centre of Sukhumi – the capital of the unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia – the shooting occurred at the restaurant San-Remo. Three people were killed, two of whom were criminals. About it reports Interfax with reference to an informed source on Friday, November 22.

So, killing 38-year-old Astamur Shamba and alas Avidzba – both born in the town of Gudauta. Shamba died from his injuries on the spot, and Avidzba – in hospital during surgery.

The hospital also died, the restaurant waitress, serving a table, behind which sat the victims.

Three of the victims with injuries of varying severity are in the Sukhumi hospital.

According to the interior Ministry of Abkhazia, the fire at the restaurant started at about 14:40. Three masked men drove the car to the quay of Muhajirs and opened fire at people sitting at a table on the sidewalk near the restaurant. Ministry of internal Affairs of Abkhazia has declared the plan-interception.

An hour after the incident burnt the car of the criminals was discovered in the area of Sukhumi railway depot.

Earlier, in one of supermarkets of Kharkov 14-year-old opened fire and wounded two people – a woman and her son.

It was also reported that in Kiev, a man opened fire on employees of the Bank who came to inspect the collateral apartment, which became the property of the financial institution for the unpaid loan.

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