The view from the helicopter on the resort “Belokurikha”

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BARNAUL, July 24. /TASS/. Resort organization of the Altai territory will collect a resort fee only on the territory of the city-resort of Federal significance Belokurikha, such right will receive a total of 36 working in the resort organizations. This was announced Monday at a press conference the head of Department for external relations, tourism and resort business of the region Yury Zakharov.

“While on the whole territory of the region there is no question, as the experiment only considered Belokurikha: we have to see how the mechanism works, and when we realize that the mechanism is positive, we will decide how to disseminate good practice to other sites. We have identified on the territory of Belokurikha 36 organizations, which will charge and remit resort tax to the budget”, – said Zakharov .

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The list includes organizations that are officially providing health resort and tourist services in the city.

“When accommodation is “Granny apartment”, it is the sector that does not fall under the official accounting. This is a complex topic, unclear quality of services, lack of security. We are actively working with organizations that regulate these activities. Plan to hold a meeting with the tax, law enforcement, and to perform the steps of the legalization of this sector,” he said.

What will help the resort fee Belokurikha

Zakharov believes that a resort fee is necessary for such municipality, as Belokurikha: here only 15 thousand inhabitants and 230 thousand visitors in 2016, that is, the entire infrastructure carries more than ten times the load you need to compensate. He stresses that Belokurikha has the status of Federal resort, but financial transfers from the Federal budget is for a not attracted to. The list of objects that will receive the funds the resort fee, should be formed in the region together with representatives of the sanatorium-resort complex, said Zakharov. It is expected that the money will be focused on the improvement of resort infrastructure – improvement path, of the city, that is something with which faced guests Belokurikha, beyond the territory of the sanatorium.

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According to Zakharov, in the collection of 30 rubles a day from tourists – that is the amount is expected to be in the Altai region on the stage of the experiment for the year, according to expert estimates, the resort can collect 50 million rubles.

Now in the region is working on regional law about the resort fee, which shall be adopted before 1 December 2017.

“We are now planning to submit the law to the deputies, after discussion, can talk about the preferential categories of citizens who will not pay. The position on this issue of the Federal centre – to untie the hands of the region that he could determine the preferential category. I think that in the first stage we will be able to test the collection mechanism will be created a public Council, which will participate in all processes,” – said Zakharov.

As previously reported, the State Duma on 19 July 2017 adopted in the final reading the law on introduction of resort fees. The document provides for the introduction in an experimental mode in the years 2018-2022 circuit Board of tourists for the use of resort infrastructure in the Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol regions and in the Crimea.