Photo: the Cub was born in a time when dinosaurs existed

Scientists estimate that a baby snake was born at a time when the earth still existed dinosaurs.

In Myanmar, scientists have discovered frozen in the amber of the baby snake, which is about 99 million years. About it writes Science.

Paleontologists called it Xiaophis myanmarensi (dawn snakes of Myanmar). According to their estimates, this snake occurs from the late Cretaceous and lasted about 186 million years. At this time on earth there were dinosaurs.

“This is the rarest artifact of all that we have ever found”, – commented on the discovery of Professor from the Canadian University of Alberta Michael Caldwell.

Scientists investigated the find and have discovered the lack of baby heads. The skeleton consists of 97 vertebrae and attached ribs .

“Modern scientific techniques allow us to see the smallest details inside the amber, we can reconstruct the anatomy of this baby snake, and to look inside it and compare it to the current bone with the bones of snakes,” – said the scientist.

Earlier it was reported that the Network showed a video with the two-headed snake discovered in China.

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