On Tuesday evening in the Belarusian Mogilev fire occurred at the former regeneration plant. According to preliminary data, has lit up the tires, and technical waste.

On published online footage from the scene of an accident can be seen that the fire area is large enough, reports “Russian conversation”.

The elimination of the fire came more than 50 rescuers to the scene of the fire aimed fire train.

The fire above the city hung a black smoke that is visible from other areas of the village.

According to recent reports, employees of the Ministry of emergency situations managed to localize the fire. The danger of flame propagation is not, however, rescuers plan the next day to spend in the area of emergency, in order to keep the situation under control.

Information about the victims to this minute has not been received .

Earlier, the “Russian Dialogue,” wrote about the fire on one of the oil wells in the field. Alabastine, located on the territory of the Usinsk district of the Komi Republic.