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Argentine Deputy Hector Olivares died Sunday, a few days later, after the Thursday he was shot during the so-called mafia shootouts near the Congress building in downtown Buenos Aires. According to the state news Agency Telam, writes Reuters.

According to police and sources in court, the MP died in the hospital Ramos Mejia in Buenos Aires.

According to officials, after the shot, Olivares had surgery and was in critical condition.

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Assistant Minister Miguel Adon was also shot dead in the attack and died at the scene.

Local officials and media have pointed out that the motive for the killing of Olivares was more personal than political, and that the purpose of the gang was Adon.

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Argentine authorities have announced the arrests of members of a mafia gang on Friday.

All members of the group were arrested, including the man who fled across the border to Uruguay, the Minister said security Patricia Bullrich.