Photo: Aircraft Diamond DA40

Feeling headache, the pilot-trainee turned on the autopilot and passed out for almost an hour. In the end, he came around and successfully landed the plane.

In Australia, the pilot-trainee was flying in and out of consciousness for 40 minutes. On Friday, may 10, reported ABC, citing Australian Bureau of transport security.

It is noted that the incident occurred on March 9 of this year. The pilot performed a single flight from the airport Port Augusta to Adelaide airport landmarks, such as parafield on the Diamond DA40 aircraft.

According to the investigation, before flight the pilot slept badly and didn’t have Breakfast. In addition, shortly before he caught a cold.

He felt a strong headache during the flight, the trainee turned on the autopilot, and then lost consciousness for almost an hour.

Air traffic control tried several times to contact him after the aircraft without the permission entered into air space of airport Adelaide, but it was only after the pilot came to. The aircraft was over the ocean.

Despite the incident, the aircraft successfully landed in the landmarks, such as parafield.

Flight school, Adelaide where she trained pilot, intend to take action after the incident. In particular, pre-flight students will be obliged to inform about the time of the last sleep and eating.

We will remind, the British Association of airline pilots offered to check the level of fatigue of the pilots before departure.

In the USA pilot-novice landed the plane in the street

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