On a crowded market in Baghdad, there was a bomb blast killed no less than two people.

At least two civilians were killed in the bomb blast at a crowded market in Baghdad. This was stated by the local police, reports “European true” with reference to the Agency Anadolu.

“The device exploded today (24 Mar. – approx.ed.) day at the fish market in the Baghdad area al-Madena, killing two innocent bystanders and three were injured,” said police captain Najan al-Khader.

“The powerful explosion also damaged several shops,” said al-Khader.

At the moment none of the groups has not claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the Iraqi government suspects of involvement in the attack of ISIS, which in mid-2014 has captured significant territory in the North and West of Iraq.

We will remind, recently in the explosion of a car bomb in Baghdad killed 23 people, another 45 were injured .