The incident happened before the opening of the headquarters of an opposition politician in Barnaul (Altai Krai). Some unknown persons threw Alexei Navalny balls with green paint. However, the policy was not scared and he treated it with irony.

As reported
“Russian Conversation”,
representatives of the headquarters of Alexei Navalny has already filed a statement in
law enforcement and spoke about the details of the attack.

According to them,
the incident happened before the press conference on the eve of the headquarters. Also
it is known that managed to photograph the vehicle, which fled

Witnesses say that the assailant was wearing sunglasses, a black cap with a red badge on their clothing. He ran out of hiding and poured Bulk green paint.

In turn, the police Zheleznodorozhny district of Barnaul conducting a survey of the scene and already specify how to qualify the case .

Note that today in Barnaul began working 10th the headquarters of the Bulk. The evening will be the opening of the 11th in Biysk.

Previously, “Russian conversation” on the eve of the opposition threw raw eggs at the time of the opening of the regular staff.