Fri, 5 May 2017


Photo from open sources

Bombs from the Second world war was defused in one of the cities of Germany.

Since the end of world war II it took 72 years, but unexploded bombs are still found in many cities, including Germany. About the next operation to neutralize unexploded bombs reported by Die Welt.

“In Regensburg (Bavaria) successfully neutralized 5-santerna bomb during the Second world war”, – stated in the message.

A shell found in one of the city’s construction workers. Sappers defused the shell after 18 hours Friday. For the safety of local residents were evacuated 1,600. They were all placed on the Donau arena.

As noted, in recent weeks, cases of discovery of old unexploded bombs in Regensburg.

During the war Germany bombed British and American and Soviet aircraft .