Photo: Eos Munitions during the First world war

Leak of poisonous gas during the First world war occurred in the North sea near the resort area.

Leak of mustard gas from grenades and bombs during the First world war that are in the waters of the North sea, discovered near the resort town of Knokke-Heist in Belgium, announced Thursday, may 2, the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

According to her, the Governor of the province of West Flanders Philippe De backer demanded to rid the resort area of the “cemetery” of approximately 35 thousand tons of ammunition.

“Better to do it now than to wait until the leak (of gas) will be more extensive”, – leads edition the words of De Backer.

Note, every year the Dutch and Belgian fishing vessels recovered from the North sea hundreds of unexploded bottom mines, most of which were laid during the Second world war by the allies. According to some experts, now on the bottom of the North sea are more than three million sea mines that were dropped during the Second world war.

In 2005, the Dutch fishing boat was blown up on the deep mine, killing three fishermen. After that, the joint decision of the Navy command of the Dutch and Belgian operation was initiated Beneficial Cooperation on search and destruction in the North sea shells of the First and Second world wars.

We will remind, in Germany, in the river blew up the 250-pound bomb. In Frankfurt because of a bomb during the Second world war evacuated from their homes about 600 people.


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