The bomb, weighing 250 kg was located beneath the train tracks.

In the schöneberg district of Berlin evacuated 10 thousand people from defusing bombs during the Second world war. As the Tagesspiegel reports, the bomb was discovered on Monday, October 2, at about 11.30 PM during construction work on the former station area.

The bomb, weighing 250 kg, was right under the train tracks. The police decided to evacuate people in a radius of 500 meters. The evacuation began at 17.20 local time and continued until late at night.

In addition to apartment buildings were evacuated residents of one of the nursing homes, as well as employees of organizations working nearby, including employees of the radio station Deutschlandradio. Her broadcast was briefly interrupted.

In the area where I found the bomb, restricted movement of public transport. According to sappers, the bomb cannot be moved, it must be destroyed on the spot .

We will remind, in August, the airport of Berlin Tegel was closed for several hours due to neutralization of the Soviet bomb from the Second world war.