Photo: In Brazil robbers on the police car stole 750 kilos of gold

Dressed as police officers robbers stole gold from an armoured van in the cargo terminal of the airport.

In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo unknown stole 750 kilos of gold from the international airport. On 25 July, reported the news portal Globo.

It is noted that the attackers arrived at the airport on Thursday afternoon on two cars, imitating police. They also wore uniforms of law enforcement officers and were armed.

After penetration into the cargo terminal, the criminals robbed an armored van of Brink’s company and disappeared.

The value of the stolen gold is estimated at $ 30 million.

Oinformation law enforcement officers, in the night of July 25, the robbers took hostage the family of the head of logistics operations in the terminal, to obtain the necessary information.

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Recall that in Albania armed men attacked the Austrian Airlines plane and stole ten million euros.

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