Photo: Belsat

In the Central square of the city is a protest against a battery factory.

Today, April 5, at the Central square of Brest once again gathered people, reports “Belsat”.

As the correspondent from the scene, this time has gathered more than 120 people.

For a year the out of Brest on Sunday to protest – they are unhappy that under the city built and is about to make plant for the production of batteries. Activists send to the local authorities statement of the rally and March but officials reject (the year they gathered more than 100).

In the second half of April at the battery factory was working Commission on acceptance, but on 30 April of the act for the start of production was never signed.

Several nights in a row in may, the plant was a light and could hear the noise of operating equipment. Late in the evening on 2 may, the representatives of the initiative group found the noise on the site lead. After about 40 minutes, when the factory people came, the hum stopped.

– The public is notified of Brest that the battery plant is in the process of monitoring compliance with the project and operational acceptance. The plant as at 6 may not work, but the residents of nearby residential areas at night in the last week felt quite loud industrial noise, which is probably coming from the ventilation that removes contaminated air from the plant. That is the factory secretly works nights. The fact that industrial noise is officially recorded by the police, called by inhabitants, in the presence of witnesses. It is a fact of all possible violations of state laws. These violations with all government agencies do not care how to not care about the life and health of citizens. For these violations, no penalties will be incurred. People like cheated even at the design stage of plant, and continue to deceive and hide the real situation of the actual level of pollution of our environment, – said the member of initiative group against plant Dmitry Bekalu.