Photo: MDM, Two tourists died in Cambodia after taking pills

The girls asked the local resident to take them to the hospital. But on the road they lost consciousness and they came back to the hostel.

Two tourists died after taking tablets from indigestion in Cambodia. Reported by the Mirror.

Briton Natalie Seymour and her friend from Canada, Abby Gail went to rest in Cambodia. The British arrived in Cambodia with one way ticket, after leaving from work. She wanted to spend some time with a friend in Cambodia.

Before the death of 22-year-old Seymour told his mother of feeling ill. She was going to buy pills from indigestion. After taking these pills, girls were found dead in the Monkey Republic hostel in Kampot.

It turned out that the girls asked the local resident to take them to the hospital. But during the trip they lost consciousness and returned to the hostel.

From the history of the phone, the police learned that the girl had such severe vomiting that sore Breasts was also cramping, but no nausea.

After the autopsy a Brit, it turned out that she had a damaged liver. Probably damage caused by paracetamol or drugs against seizures.

Earlier it was reported that in the Philippines the tourist paid a fine for a photo in a revealing swimsuit. Also the Correspondent wrote that the rich poured concrete in the fridge and robbed.

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