TASS, July 30. A homemade bomb was thrown on Sunday in a convoy of police traveling on motorcycles, in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. Video of the incident was made public on Twitter.

According to the newspaper El Universal, suffered several law enforcement officers and civilians, seven motorcycles burned.

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Elections to the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela. Dossier

Earlier, the AFP news Agency reported four injured police officers.

On Sunday, Venezuela held elections in CA, to participate in that as candidates have been admitted more than six thousand people. The order of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro on the convening of the CA, signed without prior referendum, led to the aggravation of the situation in the country, which at that time already the month was shaken by large anti-government protests. To date, the course organized by the opposition protests has killed more than 110 people, thousands were injured. Authorities arrested about 4 .9 thousand demonstrators, of which almost 1.4 thousand still remain in custody.