In Catalonia on Tuesday a General strike in protest against the harsh measures of the police against the participants of the referendum on independence, held on Sunday, told the BBC.

It is expected that a General strike will lead to complete stop of public transport, schools, hospitals and other public institutions in the region.

Meanwhile, the number of pages on Twitter there were reports that the Catalans are already out in the streets and roads, blocking traffic.

On the eve of the football club “Barcelona” has announced that it will participate in the General strike on Tuesday.

“What we have seen in our country yesterday (on Sunday – if) – is unacceptable. We, the Catalans have earned the right to be heard. Tomorrow we will join the strike,” said club President Josep Bartomeu.

Earlier it was reported that the holding in the autonomy of the General strike on Tuesday called on leaders of more than 40 public organizations and unions of Catalonia . The government of Catalonia also announced that they intend to appeal to the European Union with the requirement to consider human rights violations during the referendum.

A referendum on Catalan independence took place on 1 October. He was accompanied by violent clashes of the security forces, some of which were sent do not recognize the legitimacy of the referendum Madrid, with the civilian participants. Earlier it was reported that in clashes with the medical aid has addressed more than 800 participants in the referendum and 30 police officers.

According to preliminary estimates of the votes, 90% took part in Sunday’s referendum for secession from Spain, Catalans voted for independence of autonomy