In Ukraine,
the village Moshchenka (Chernihiv oblast) there was a case that cannot
just call it vandalism or hooliganism, unknown invaded
the territory of the Church, dug up the deceased priest, father Vladimir, to be reburied.
Plunderers of tombs buried the unfortunate priest in the Bush near the dump
from the cemetery. As transfers the Russian Dialogue
with reference to Диалог.UA the body of Vladimir found his good friend Stanislaw Kuropaty.

Who are these
inhuman criminals should be found out of the police, and the media remains to nominate
version. Vladimir was known for his good deeds in the village, served the Church
The Moscow Patriarchate since 2010. He died of a heart attack on
their own garden at 52 years old. The evil began after the funeral, his wife
Julia sinikova said that on her husband’s grave near the Church scolded her nuns from
another monastery that is being built nearby. The building is the tenth year, but without
permits. It turned out that the money for the new Church gives Michael Dekhtyar
– the priest who in the temple of old was replaced by father Vladimir. The man obviously was
not on friendly terms. It is worth shedding light on the identity of Dentara, because six
years ago his house was robbed, the criminals then made good almost
million. Apparently, these are the wealth of the priest earned
prayers, and may all the “usual” written to his wife. How would
there it was, the villagers it see behind the order to plunder
the grave. The monks built the monastery denied his guilt and put the blame on some
“relatives” of Vladimir, which does not even know his widow Julia.
The late priest was reburied in the cemetery, but to drink his new father
refuses, to ask about where the roots of this reluctance should probably have Michael

Earlier it was
known about the possible exhumation of the body of Elina Bystritskaya, the investigators
I suspect that she did not die a natural death. We will remind, shortly before his death
it looked very painful
therefore, many assumed that it starved.