On Thursday about midnight in Chernivtsi region, the border guards have exposed a group of persons who tried to move tobacco products across the state border from Moldova to Ukraine, during an attempted arrest three smugglers were wounded.

“Violators, noting the guards and realizing that their intentions are exposed, ran to escape by car. While trying to arrest the fugitives ignored the legitimate demands of the outfit to stop and sent one vehicle on the border, has created a clear threat to their lives and health. Acting in accordance with the law, the guards used weapons, after warning shots didn’t stop the violators”, – the press service of the State border service of Ukraine on Friday.

Further, the vehicle proceeded in the direction of the village of Hvizdivtsi.

According to the Ministry, about this situation, the border guards informed law enforcement Chernivtsi region and the border police of Moldova. In addition, the National police in Chernivtsi region received the message about a criminal offense on grounds provided for by articles 342, 345 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, and in the Department of the State fiscal service in Chernivtsi region, according to the article 204 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Soon from on-duty units of the police received information that the hospital had treated three civilians with gunshot wounds.