Protests in Chile

During protests in the Chilean capital Santiago was robbed the office of one of banks.

In Santiago, unknown robbed a Bank of almost 190 thousand dollars in the course of the protests, the TV channel France 24.

The robbers entered the building with oxygen torches. From a branch of the state Bank they stole 190 thousand dollars and two weapons.

In addition, there were at least five attacks on shops and two shopping malls arson.

Recall mass protests in Chile began in mid-October. The reason was the dissatisfaction of residents of higher prices for travel on the subway. Later, the protests turned into riots and clashes with police.

By 20 October, the authorities imposed a curfew in the capital Santiago and its surroundings.In the course of protests across the country from 18 October, killed 23 people, more than 2000 injured.

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