Photo: Real Press, the Chinese stuck in a well.

Deciding compacted sawdust in his well in the backyard, the man jumped on them and ended up in a concrete trap.

In China, the overweight man stuck in a well in the backyard of his home. This was reported by the newspaper Daily Star.

On Friday, August 7, 28-year-old Chinese Liu was filled with debris and sawdust dry well in the yard of his house.

To compacted sawdust well he jumped on them. In the result 125-pound Chinese man fell into a well and got stuck.

Rescuers tied around the body of the victim of the rope and pulled it. They were helped by local residents. The man received injuries.


Earlier it was reported that the children’s and youth creativity center on Shevchenko Avenue in Kiev four-year-old girl stuck in the battery.

It was also reported that a resident of the American city of Phoenix was stuck in the chimney trying to get into the house of a friend.

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