Became known new data on coronavirus

Doctors called groups of risk of the novel coronavirus and has published the statistics of deaths from the disease.

In China, scientists have unveiled the most comprehensive to date study on more than 70 thousands of cases of coronavirus Covid-19. On Tuesday, February 18, reports the BBC.

The results of this study indicate that more than 80% of these cases is soft, and the biggest risk coronavirus is for the elderly and sick people. In addition, experts point to an increased risk for medical professionals – attention is drawn after on Tuesday from the coronavirus has died 51-the summer Director of the hospital of Wuhan city, which became the epicenter of the disease.

The study emphasizes that the percentage of deaths from coronavirus in Hubei province is much higher than in the rest of China (2.9% and 0.4% respectively).

We will remind, according to the latest data, the world was 73 335 laboratory-confirmed cases Covid-19, including 1 873 – lethal. Recovered 12 842 people.

While 81,7% of all cases of acute respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus recorded in one province of China – Hubei.

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