Militants in the Congo

Militiamen ambushed between the villages of Tshikapa to Kananga.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a militant group of Kamuina Nsapu attacked local police. The attack resulted in 40 security officials were beheaded, reports Reuters.

Gunmen ambushed police when they drove along the road between towns of Tshikapa and Kananga.

“The militants seized them and beheaded about 40 people”, – said the representative of the local authorities, Francois Calamba.

He noted that six of lovikov spared only because they knew the local language.

The militants, most of whom were armed only with machetes and took away the police weapons and vehicles.

As reported Корреспондент.netin February 2017 the rebels in the Congo captured a Colonel of the Georgian Soso Israeli. For him demanded a ransom of one million dollars .