According to the revised data, a vessel “Camelot”
day 5 Aug capsized in the sea 200 metres from the shoreline. On Board the boat
there were 13 passengers and one crew member. Managed to save 12
passengers and crew members. The search for the missing woman continues, reports
“Russian Conversation”.

At the present time against the ship’s captain, a criminal
the case of the violation of safety rules – a man arrested and questioned. The investigation intends to present to the suspect the charges and go to court with the petition for election concerning it a preventive measure.

Earlier it was reported that due to
a heavy storm in the Kerch port sank the tug.

It was also reported that in the Black sea near Dzhubga sank the burning ship.

It was also reported
details of the incident, which resulted in the Black sea disappeared under the water barge with grain.