Elimination bombs



World news: In Dresden the engineers have not yet defusing old bombs, so as long as it is unknown how much of the substance is inside.

The bomb squad is not yet possible to defuse old bombs, people are forced to spend a second night out. About it informs the local police.

“Since it is unknown how many explosives is still the bomb, we maintain restricted access to the area. It will take another few hours”, – stated in the message.

As previously reported, the operation began at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, but there were complications – was open mechanical detonator. The result was a partial detonation. Work was stopped several times.

After another partial explosion shortly before midnight the engineers have to wait until Thursday morning until the insulating material on the bomb goes off, and she cools off. The engineers claim that the situation is under control, but do not exclude that may even be explosions . The place is next to a shell is one person, he communicates with the team via video link.

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The experts have already developed a script in case to neutralize the projectile did not succeed. They intend to create a so-called top shock wave. However, there is still possible to assess the extent of the destruction.

Pyatisotdollarovy bomb during the Second world war were discovered at a construction site on Tuesday evening in the Central part of the city, near the train station. The situation seriously affected the work of the railway and urban transport.

The entire night was carried out the evacuation of people within a radius of 400 m from the place of a dangerous find. It is almost 9 thousand people, including hospital patients and nursing home residents. People have to spend a second night out.

Finds old bombs in German cities – not a rarity, however, as a rule, neutralizing them doesn’t cause problems.