A bomb in Dusseldorf



In düsseldorf, Germany on Thursday has successfully passed the operation to neutralize bombs during the Second world war.

On completion of the transaction is reported to the local fire Department on Twitter.

“The bomb was defused. The restriction will be removed”, – stated in the message.

Jost #Leisten mit dem entschärften #Blindgänger. pic.twitter.com/zbbW0cbiAQ

— Feuerwehr Düsseldorf (@BFDuesseldorf) March 9, 2017


As reported, during the work had several hours to evacuate within a radius of 1 kilometer from the place of detection of the projectile by almost 8 thousand people. For a short period was even closed Dusseldorf airport. The surrounding motorway were closed.

500-pound bomb was discovered by builders.

In Germany often find bombs during the Second world war that did not explode. In December 2016 in the Bavarian city of Augsburg was held the most mass in the country evacuation from such a warhead . Then their homes were forced to leave about 54 thousand people.