Scientists found a four-meter mummy priests kept in the temples.

Scientists have found the mummy of a four-metre crocodile.

A huge reptile with a length of four meters is well preserved. What is earned predatory creature perpetuating?

As explained by the historians, in Ancient Egypt there was a cult of the God-crocodile. His name is Sobek.

The mummy of a crocodile, the archaeologists found in the province of Qena. According to scientists, this is the largest model of the ancient reptile, which the priests kept in the temples. Next to the relic found several crocodile mummies, but they are all considerably less than one meter and a half in length.

Apparently, the tomb was built specifically for the deceased crocodile, which was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. At least the mummy reptiles had occupied the Central place, and the smaller mummy could embody lesser beings . At the burial site also found a special bandage, the substances used for the process and the tools, according to archaeologists, too, is an important historical find.