In Egypt have found ancient tombs

In the tombs discovered several stone coffins with the remains of adults and children, as well as clay fragments.

Archaeologists dug in the southern part of Egypt three tombs, whose age is about two thousand years.

They were found in the cemetery located in the district of al-Kamil Saharawi in the province of Minya, South of Cairo.

In the tombs found several stone sarcophagi and clay fragments.

According to the representative of the Supreme Council of antiquities of Egypt, the area where were found the tombs, for a long time was used for burials.

In one of the graves, to get to which was able, through the hollowed out in the rock hole, were four of the sarcophagus, which depicts the outlines of human faces.

In another tomb, the excavators came across six burial niches, one of which was clearly intended for the burial of a small child .

On the basis of the clay fragments found in the tombs, scientists have suggested that the burial relates to the period between the 27th dynasty, which was founded in 525 BC, and Greco-Roman period, which lasted from 332 BC to IV century.

Photo: EPA

The age of the sarcophagi found is about two thousand years

The commander Ali Bakri said that the tombs were found the remains of both men and women and children of different ages.

“These burials were part of a large cemetery in a major city, not in a military garrison, as some thought initially,” he said.

The Supreme Council of antiquities of Egypt said that “the excavations continue to reveal new secrets.

The first study, of this burial place began in 2015.

As reported Корреспондент.netEgyptian archaeologists have discovered 17 well-preserved mummies in the catacombs in the province of Minya, which were at a depth of about eight meters under the ground.

In Egypt, among the debris found the statue of Ramses II

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