Scientists have discovered 8 million animal mummies

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a mass grave of mummified dogs and other animals under the temple of the God Anubis.

About 8 million mummified remains of dogs, puppies, jackals and foxes found in the excavations beneath the temple of Anubis at Saqqara. Also among the mummies discovered cats, mongoose and falcons. It is reported

Researchers from the UK, conducting research in the catacombs under the temple of the God Anubis, suggest that they were created about 2500 years ago.

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Professor Cardiff University Paul Nicholson reports that only now scientists were able to examine all the parts of the necropolis.

The scheme of the necropolis (photo:

One of the main versions of scientists about the appearance near the temple such a huge number of mummies selling . Signs of violent death in animals could not be found. Apparently they were bred specifically for rituals.

Archaeologist Aidan Dodson from the University of Bristol in the UK thinks that in these places the mummified animals were sold.

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